American Pie’s Oz Drunkenly Threw A British Dude In A River For Saying He and Freddie Prinze Jr Had Fake American Accents

Freddie Prinze Jr. was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon because apparently it’s the year 2000 and he told the story about the time Chris Klein – mostly known as Oz from American Pie – threw a British guy in a river for saying he and Freddie had fake American accents because “USA BABY!”

“Freddie Prinze Jr. explains how Jimmy’s dad and Chris Klein are behind a special veal piccata recipe he included in his debut cookbook, Back to the Kitchen.”

For some reason, I never would’ve thought that Jimmy Fallon’s dad would be rubbing elbows with Freddie Prinze Jr., but fame is funny like that. I can absolutely see Chris Klein yelling “USA BABY!” and losing his mind over some pretentious Brit calling him out for not being American enough.

And, I would 1000% pay to watch Freddie Prinze Jr and Chris Klein get hammered and tornado through towns around the globe, leaving ruin in their wake. Like I picture them hurlin’ in Berlin, getting Zika in Rio, fallin’ out in New Orleans. Just ripping apart the best party cities in the world. Would be a rowdier version of Taradise – that travel show hosted by Tara Reid.

I guess when you’re done acting in movies and TV shows, you explore every other avenue of revenue streams, like slapping your name on children’s books and cookbooks. This is probably a lie but I think former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kathy Ireland has earned way more with her line of home goods than she ever did posing for the camera. People will masturbate to just about anything these days.


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