Man Vs. Machine: Jimmy Fallon Plays Beer Pong Against A Robot

A few weeks ago we brought you one of the most amazing technological advances that the human species has ever developed: a robot that plays beer pong. That’s right, you no longer need friends for a game of beer pong because now you can play with yourself and this machine. It’s called the VERSABALL® Beer Pong Robot and it was one of the most interesting innovations at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

On Friday night, the drinking games version of Johnny Five challenged Jimmy Fallon to a man versus machine edition of beer pong on The Tonight Show. Tech expert Joshua Topolsky introduced the revolutionary robot arm to Jimmy and explained the Versaball gripping technology which prompted many testicle puns. The robot sinks it’s first shot with ease. Jimmy answers with a lucky bounce shot. However the cyborg does not have to drink the beer, which seems a bit of an advantage. He should at least have to do a shot of WD-40.

We learn that the robot “sucks your balls and then forces you to drink beer,” which has already prompted me to pre-order one of these bad boys.

Jimmy swats away the robot’s shot and declares humans superior to machines. However let’s see what happens when it becomes self-aware.