John Travolta Reportedly Demands A ‘Male Masseur’ When He Stays In Hotels And That’s Not Even His Weirdest Request

I dunno guys, if I were a famous Hollywood actor who’s been repeatedly plagued by rumors of being homosexual (not that it even matters, it’s 2016 for crying out loud)…

…I probably wouldn’t require that each hotel I stay in provides me with a “male masseur.” But that’s supposedly what John Travolta’s hotel rider AKA his famous-people “list of demands” requires, along with a few more Scientology-esque requests that only Xenu himself would think to include:

One of the actor’s requirements in his current hotel rider is that “he needs a male masseur,” a source exclusively tells Page Six.

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” star also requires hotel staff to put up aluminum foil and dark curtains to black out the windows, so no one can see in, according to the source.

Additionally, Travolta, 62, brings his own sheets and requires that the hotel room be empty for 24 hours before his arrival, in order to avoid anyone else’s scent lingering behind, our source added. Travolta is a Scientologist, and all members of the church must reject scents, allegedly after founder L. Ron Hubbard developed a strong personal aversion to rose perfume.(via)

As I’m sure you’re already aware since everyone who reads BroBible is obviously up to date on their John Travolta news, Travolta’s been accused several times of sexual misconduct with massage therapists in the past. You’d think that the guy would just invest in a good back roller to wreak havoc on, but alas, it looks like the only thing that gets the kinks out of Travolta’s back is an ol’ fashioned oily dude with the hardened hands of Michelangelo.

Travolta, of course, has always denied all claims about being homosexual as well as any alleged misconduct with masseuses.

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