Philadelphia Eagles Long Snapper Jon Dorenbos Used Magic To Blow Everyone’s Minds On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Again

It’s been the ‘Summer of Jon Dorenbos’ on America’s Got Talent. The long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles moonlights as a magician, something he used to bust out in the locker room but which was an unknown talent to the rest of the world. Back in mid-July Jon Dorenbos stepped out on America’s Got Talent for the first time to showcase his skills as a magician and blew everyone away. He followed that act up in late July and his sophomore act was impressive enough to get Jon through to the AGT semi-finals, where he appeared last night (above).

I still haven’t watched even half of an episode of America’s Got Talent at any point, and I get my AGT news from their YouTube channel. So I really don’t know how Jon Dorenbos’ magic show stacks up to the other semi-finalists this Summer, but I do know that he’s a seriously fucking talented magician and has one of the best jobs in all of the NFL (getting paid to appear in a fraction of the plays in each NFL game). I wish I could say that I know how the semi-finals work, if it’s up to the public to vote him through or what, but I don’t know how this is going to shake out. I just wish Jon Dorenbos the best of luck in his career as a magician.