Kendall Jenner Wiping Out On Her Bike And Eating It On A Bunch Of Rocks Is An Enjoyable Watch

The photo above is usually how we see Kendall Jenner. Trying to look sexy or rich or some shit. Whatever, right?

However, lately when we see Kendall Jenner it’s usually because she’s done or been a part of something very ill-advised like the Fyre Festival or that tone-deaf Pepsi ad or appearing on the cover of Vogue India instead of, you know, someone from India.

Yeah, it hasn’t been the best month or so for her. Sad.

And now, just to add injury to insult her sister Khloe filmed Kendall trying to ride a bike through some loose rocks (stupid) then eating shit when she inevitably loses traction.

“My work here is done…..” Khloe captioned the video that I have been watching on repeat since first seeing it.

Damn, that’s almost as funny as that time Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage.

Never gets old.

[protected-iframe id=”fb8b6dc64176944fea60d3143784ff66-97886205-92827192″ info=”” ]

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