Key & Peele Do Interview While Eating Insanely Spicy Hot Wings, Try Their Hardest To Keep It Together


YouTube / First We Feast

As part of their press junket for Keanu Keegan-Michael Kay and Jordan Peele sat down with Hot Ones from First We Feast to discuss their movie while trying to suck down 5 atomically hot wings. This is easily the most entertaining interview I’ve watched in months:

Gotta love how they ribbed the host for his sip of milk, and how they made it the entire set without taking a single sip of water. That’s some straight up hubris right there and I love it.

In case you’re wondering, Keanu comes out TODAY, April 29th. I’m definitely planning on seeing it because I found Key & Peele to be the funniest dudes on Comedy Central since Dave Chappelle, and even though I expect this movie to be funny as fuck I want to go and throw my box office dollars at them so that it ensures they become a fixture on the movie scene.

(H/T First We Feast)