Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Absolutely Eviscerates The Miss America Pageant



Last Week Tonight With John Oliver set the Miss America pageant between their crosshairs this week after they claimed to be the world’s largest organization for women’s scholarships.

During their broadcast last weekend, The Miss America Pageant claims to offer $45,000,000 in scholarships annually and be the world’s largest provider of scholarships for women, a truly astronomical number. That number’s so large in fact that it seemed too good to be true, so the team at Last Week Tonight investigated it.

Among their findings, in order to qualify for a scholarship a woman must certify that she’s never been married, and also must not now or ever have been pregnant. Their biggest finding though is just how little they spend on women’s scholarships, and how they’re spewing unbelievable amounts of b.s….

BOOM! Roasted.

Now why all these people are are calling for The Miss America Pageant to turn into a strictly academic scholarship is beyond me. It’s great, it’s the one night a year I turn on the TV and there’s just casually 50 chicks walking around in bikinis. What’s so bad about that? I think we go the other way, ditch the scholarships entirely and just make it about what it truly is: a title.

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