Gwyneth Paltrow And Jimmy Fallon Went Mad, And Dipped Some McDonald’s Fries In Skin Lotion On ‘The Tonight Show’

Things got weird on Jimmy Fallon last night bros. Very, very weird. Like dip your McDonald’s fries in edible skin lotion weird. Yeah. Whatever happened to opting for the more sane and consistently tasty milkshake route? Why did Jimmy Fallon and Gwyneth have to go and muck up what I imagine was a perfectly delectable pack of Mactrons fries? I don’t know, madness, pure unadulterated madness, in the name of proving a point. The point: that Goop by Juice Beauty is made up of organic food preservatives and entirely edible. You can for sure tell that Paltrow is stoked as fuck on eating those fries.

Either way we can’t reasonably contest the fact that Paltrow is looking fiiine in this video. If that means she’s gotta wolf down some goddamn Goop cream every now and again, fuck it. Be my guest.