Louis C.K. Has A Hilarious Bit On Why College Girls Who Lack Self-Awareness Are Shitty Friends

by 4 years ago
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One of my favorite things ever is when Louis C.K. makes fun of 20-something college girls using his 20-something girls voice. I think the hardest I’ve ever laughed is his classic bit on 20-year olds doing shitty jobs. And his bit on the difference between girls and women. Should I go on?

Louis C.K.’s most recent special, Live at the Comedy Store, is available for purchase on-demand through his website.  A clip from the show started making the rounds today about a group of 20-something girls who were sitting around brunch and analyzing whether a guy was “worth” hooking up with a girl. It’s a situation every 20-something can relate to, which C.K. uses to make a great point about how shitty friends are the ones who only offer praises about how great you are.

It’s classic trophy generation shit. A true friend is someone who knows how to level with you, not pump your ego to the point of your head exploding like over-inflated balloon.

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