Ever Wonder What A 50 Year-Old Chain Smoking Goat Sounds Like? Check Out Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocal Track


Isolated vocal tracks are my favorite thing to listen to. Why? Because it makes me feel better about my lack of singing abilities. You might sit there and watch Taylor Swift dance and prance around in a perfect vocal rendition of her latest shit-pop song and think “Wow, she’s so talented<33333333,” whereas I sit here with the disposition of a mountain troll and think “She’s faking it. Fuck that.”

Well it turns out she actually is faking it, but so is everyone else, including Courtney Love. Granted, when I watch Courtney Love perform (not that this happens on a regular basis, mind you) I don’t get jealous. I’m the opposite. My thoughts are more along the lines of “She’s still alive? How is she not dead yet? Who keeps paying to see her perform? Does she own a hairbrush?” This holds even truer now that an isolated copy of her vocals from a show back in 2010 have been released:

Back in 2010, J.M. Ladd was hired to record a Hole show at Don Hill’s in New York. He was stiffed on his invoice, but got a bounty better than money: A hard drive with the unmixed soundboard recording from the show. Four years later, he muted everything exceptCourtney Love’s guitar and vocals, and uploaded the audio to YouTube.

Via Death and Taxes

According to Ladd, the vocals are completely real and not faked. In other words, he’s letting you know he’s not a catty little bitch who made them sound worse than they really are out of spite. To be fair to the authenticity of this recording I don’t think the vocals can get any worse, in which case I believe Ladd.

Ouch. And that’s why you should only do some drugs, kids.

[H/T Death and Taxes]

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