An LSD-Laced Tribute To One Of TV’s Best Characters: Tina Belcher From ‘Bob’s Burgers’



FACT: Bob’s Burgers is one of the funniest shows currently on television, and Tina Belcher is one of the funniest characters on Bob’s Burgers.

If you’re not already watching Bob’s Burgers this post is not for you, because you’re probably so damn thick-headed that anything I say here won’t get through to you. Every character on the show is so complex in their creepy nuances and charming attributes that it’s woven together one of the most incredible TV families seen since the earliest days of ‘The Simpsons.’

Tina Belcher’s obsessed with many things, but mainly she focuses on boys and butts. This video is a tribute to that, yet it’s sprinkled with the sped-up and jerking editing style anyone who’s ever taken LSD knows reflects the peak of your trip. Everything and nothing seems to be happening all at once.

via TastefullyOffensive

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