Watch What Happens When A Magician Tries To Sell Weed To A Cop

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I’ve always thought magic was kinda lame. I’m not impressed. I mean, I’m impressed in the sense that I could never do the stuff they’re doing, but I deal in REALITY. I’m a busy man and I don’t have time for magical shenanigans.

I started to come around to magic when truTV started airing a magicician prank show called The Carbonaro Effect, which if you haven’t seen, you should definitely check out. It’s pretty hilarious. And I think I might’ve gone full Team Magic after watching this funny prank video.

Standard magic as we think of it – pulling rabbits out of hats, sawing women in half, juggling the responsibility of raising three kids while holding a full time job – it’s all kinda been done. But magic could really reinvent itself if it continues with this new harder, drug-related content.

Here are some cool Nouveau Street Magic® ideas that all you magicians are free to take –

1. A couple of hot college chicks volunteers go up on stage, and using magic, their shirts and bras disappear!
2. A frat party is running low on beer, and a magician magically transforms a six pack into a thirty-rack! This was a trick that was pioneered by the original magician, Jesus.
3. A hot chick is sawed in half, and then when she’s put back together, she has breast implants!

This is the type of magic the younger generation could get behind. Check out this guy below, who is leading the Nouveau Street Magic® revolution.

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