Matt Damon Released A Glorious Jimmy Kimmel Attack Ad After Jimmy Took A Steamy Dump On Matt’s Man Bun

After a two week hiatus from the air due to the Rio Olympics all of the late night hosts busted out their best sketches last night. Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live actor Matt Damon purchased himself some airtime to run an attack ad against Jimmy after Kimmel shit all over Matt’s new haircut. In case you haven’t seen a recent photograph of Matt Damon I’ve provided you one below from my personal Twitter account, and in the photograph you can see that Matt Damon’s rocking a fucking god awful man bun.

1) I thought we as a society were done with man buns because it only caught on with hipsters and anything they do is a fucking joke.
2) Matt Damon’s a guy who has his shit together, he’s JASON BOURNE, a man who could pull any chick in the world if he wanted to. He shouldn’t be setting the worst stylistic example possible for men everywhere by rocking a fucking man bun ponytail, but here we are.

I’d just like to give some props to Matt for at least sticking up for himself while knowing full well that he looks like a goddamn idiot with his man bun.