Mel Gibson Grunts So Much In His Movies That Someone Made This Compilation As Proof

by 3 years ago
Photo by Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

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Photo by Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

J-date extraordinaire Mel Gibson is a grunter. Who knew? Actually, everyone that’s ever watched any of his movies. Proof is below…

Mel’s gone through his own personal hell ever since that leaked audio or was it that other leaked audio? Mel Gibson hates leaked audio. Seriously, has covertly recorded audio ever hurt someone more than Gibson?

Anyway, Mel’s been handling the black sheep role well. Hanging out with Octagon Girls? Torture. Doing interviews while allegedly high on cocaine? The worst. Crashing the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road? Brutal. Getting teased by Ricky Gervais? Nauseating. But, he could be re-entering the realm of kick-ass action flicks with Blood Father. If our society has proven anything, it’s that we’re willing to overlook hardcore transgressions in exchange for riveting entertainment.

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Mel’s also directing Hacksaw Ridge, that true life story of the soldier who received a Medal of Honor despite never firing a weapon in World War II. Plus, he’s starring in The Professor and the Madman about the creation of the Oxford English dictionary, which sounds way more adrenaline-filled than either Hacksaw Ridge or Blood Father.

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