New ‘Making A Murderer’ Evidence From Juror Interviews Could Reportedly Free Steven Avery



Even though Steven Avery just filed his own appeal claiming juror and police misconduct despite having hired his own brand spankin’ new legal team to get him out of jail, new information has surfaced that could mean Steven is released before his new lawyers even set pen to legal paper.

Disclaimer: while the following information comes via In Touch, the magazine does say that it comes after “a several week investigation by the magazine on the ground in Wisconsin” and that they spoke to 13 of the 16 jurors on the case. While every juror has elected to remain anonymous, we find this more credible than the typical tabloid “anonymous source” spewing garbage about the Kardashians or whoever.

According to In Touch, when they asked one of the jurors about why they voted guilty and what they thought happened to Teresa Halbach, their response was “Torture and rape. Then he shot her in the head. He cut her up and put her in a burn barrel.”

Normal shit, right? We’ve seen all of that information in the documentary…except the jury was not presented with any evidence stating that Teresa had been raped and tortured during the trial. Remember, all that information came from Brendan Dassey’s testimony and the pre-trial press conference from prosecutor Ken Kratz — none of which was allowed to be used in Steven Avery’s trial.

“If a jury made its decision on incomplete, improper or withheld evidence then there are absolute grounds for a new trial,” New York criminal defense attorney Bruce Baronexplains. “The jurors now may well be brought before an appellate review and ordered to describe whether they discussed certain inadmissible details they should not have brought into their deliberations.”

Even current Manitowoc County prosecutor Michael Griesbach – who believes Avery is guilty – says the judge made it clear the jury was not to consider the rape and torture scenario that was part of a controversial confession by Avery’s nephew but not introduced at the trial.

“The judge warned the jury to only consider details that they heard in court. You know he was referring to Brendan’s confession which was never spoken about in open court.”(via)

One juror even went so far as to state that “Theere are a lot of things [about the case] that don’t make sense,” however that didn’t stop Steven from being convicted of murder and sentenced to time in prison. And while this information could potentially lead to a mistrial down the road — really, what are the chances? The DNA evidence was shown to be bunk and the creators of Making a Murderer even went on television to tell how one of the jurors who voted guilty only did so because he feared for his safety — what more could you need to at least give Avery a second trial?

[H/T In Touch]

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