The Official 2014 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

Take A Drink:

Every time Kevin Spacey's Southern accent is shown 

Every time someone speaks in a non-American accent 

Every time Tina Fey makes a “Parks and Recreation reference to her co-host

Every time Amy Poehler makes a “30 Rock” reference to her co-host 

Every time Saturday Night Fever and American Hustle are discussed in the same breath

Every time Martin Scorsese's eyebrows make an appearence

Every time the “fucks” in Wolf of Wall Street are mentioned

Every time Lena Dunham is pictured and someone in your group goes “ew”


Two Drinks:

Every time Jennifer Lawrence's breakout Golden Globe moments last year are discussed

At every mention of the Oscars 

If there is any forced reference to Ryan Gosling

If Bradley Cooper looks drunk

Any time a nominee also appears in (or narrates) a commercial

Somebody is bleeped out

Someone has a “not amused” reaction face to a joke


Three Drinks: 

Someone makes a Christian Bale-is-a-

If some sort of “Can you beleive Bryan Cranston was once the dad in Malcolm in the Middle?”- type statement is uttered about Breaking Bad 

Walk Jr. steals the show during a Breaking Bad win

“Gravity” beats “12 Years a Slave” for best picture drama

With the occurance of any wardrobe malfunction

Jennifer Lawrence loses

If Aubrey Plaza is drunk

Every second anyone has to wait before clearly wanting to speak, but can't due to excessive clapping



If makes a twerking reference


Finish Your Drink: 

If Jennifer Lawrence drops an F-bomb 

If Orange is the New Black dominates

If “Lena Dunham” and “voice of a generation” are mentioned in the same sentence 

If Christine Teigen drunk tweets something and it becomes a trending topic on Twitter


***Always remember to follow the trusty rules of responsibility. 

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