Possibly the Coolest Guy Ever Makes a Full-Length, Live-Action ‘Toy Story’

Via Mashable:

But what if Toy Story wasn't animated, but instead shot in live-action with real toys and people? That's exactly what YouTube user “jonasonsMovies” did.

His project, Live-Action Toy Story, combines his own footage with the film's original audio, clocking in at one hour and 20 minutes. It has more than 83,000 views and made it to the front page of Reddit after a day online.

Check Live-Action Toy Story out in all its real-life glory above. Would you watch the whole thing?

Just thinking about the amount of hours that was likely put into this is exhausting. Best honor this dude's endless nights of labor by watching about three minutes of this. For added effect, be sure to spend 20 seconds daydreaming about how awesome being 7 years old was, and then go back to realizing you never texted her back. 

[H/T: Mashable]