Rihanna Reportedly Says Leonardo DiCaprio Is ‘The Best She Ever Had’

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Remember a couple of weeks ago we reported that there were rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up with Rihanna at the Playboy Mansion? Sounded completely and totally plausible, right? This is Leonardo DiCaprio, after all. Turns out, according to reports (If you believe them and why not?!), they’ve been doing this sort of thing for years.

Us Weekly reports…

DiCaprio had his eye on Rihanna s far back as May 2009. During a night out with friends at L.A. club Villa, he stared at the beauty “for an hour,” says an eyewitness, even asking the DJ to move his equipment out of the way so as not to obstruct his view. They flirted again at the Coachella music festival in 2011. By then, they were “party friends,” shares an insider. “They’ve rocked in the same room a lot.” Notes the friend: “Leo’s had her to his house for get-togethers.”

To ring in 2015, they brought the fun to the beaches of sunny St. Bart’s. Using their respective crews as cover, they hung together all week. “Rihanna is sexy, and they have a connectin,” says a DiCaprio source. “She’s the kind of girl to keep you on your toes — smart and a little unpredictable.”

“Neither one is looking to make this anything more than fun,” explains a source. “He’s into her, and they’re enjoying it.” Two free spirits, they are not the types to commit. DiCaprio, off to shoot The Revenant in Atlanta in February, has blamed his work schedule for his long list of failed affairs. And Rihanna, says a source, dumped ex Drake when he started taking about buying a ring. “This,” says the insider, “is a no strings kind of deal.”

As if Leonardo DiCaprio would have any other kind of relationship than a “no strings kind of deal.” Dude is the Bro King of the Universe.

But wait, there’s more!

According to Star magazine, “Their chemistry is off the charts. Rihanna loves Leo’s attitude about life, and he thinks her laid-back demeanor is irresistibly sexy. She says he’s the best she ever had.”

Dammit it, DiCaprio. You’re killing us, bro. You’re just killing us! And the legend rolls on…

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