Robert Downey, Jr. Greeted Reporter Lorraine Kelly By Saying ‘Nice Tits’

Robert Downey, Jr. apparently isn’t shy when it comes to complimenting the anatomy of female reporters when meets them for an interview as ITV breakfast host Lorraine Kelly claims that when Downey sat down for their chat he looked over at her and said, “Nice tits.”

The Daily Mail, who so graciously notes that Kelly, 54, has a size 36C bust, quote her as saying, “Robert was not quite himself. He had a time in his life when maybe he was discovering himself, having issues. He came on looking a bit worse for wear and he had no shoes on and he wandered around and he sat down and I said hello and he looked at me and said, ‘Nice tits.'”

Kelley went on to say, “It could have been worse. He could have said, ‘Oh, I don’t like them.’ It is a difficult thing to respond to.”

One would imagine.

Here’s what Lorraine Kelly looks like…

Here’s part of her interview, sans tits remark, which basically makes it worthless…