Ryan Reynolds’ Personal Trainer Shared Some Tips For How He Keeps Reynolds Looking Shredded

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We are always on the lookout for tips that might help our fellow bros get and stay in shape. And many times that sort of information comes from celebrities who have to stay fit for a living.

We’ve read about Hugh Jackman’s insane regimen. We’ve seen what Chris Hemsworth does to look like an Asgardian god. We’ve checked out the torture Jason Statham goes through. And don’t even get us started on what “The Rock” does — dude is simply superhuman.

Now we have Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s personal trainer Don Saladino sharing some of the secrets as to how he keeps the Deadpool star looking fit.

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino helps golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and other A-listers, stay in top form year round.

And although his mantra is tips for diet and exercise, he says if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re at risk of plateauing.

Saladino reveals to Daily Mail Online why shut-eye is so important and how a celebrity body is actually an attainable goal.

Saladino recommends that all of his clients get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.

‘Sleep is how we repair our hormones so that we’re functioning optimally during our workouts,’ he told Daily Mail Online.

‘You burn calories at rest and when you get proper sleep, your energy levels are better. So you’re more active during the day. I make sure I’m in bed by 9pm every night.’

The trainer recalled one client he had who added 90 extra minutes of sleep. He didn’t change his diet or exercise routines – and lost 10 pounds.

As far as diet is concerned…

Saladino says he takes a minimalist approach when it comes to his clients’ eating routines. They focus on portion sizes, what foods to eat and what is realistic to their lifestyles.

‘I prefer people not to have wheat but, if it’s not realistic, wheat is kept in. Same thing with dairy, I prefer people not to be on dairy. But if someone says they like having Greek yogurt, I let them keep that in there.

‘If you throw a routine at somebody that is too intrusive in their lifestyle, they will fail.’

He also has a few suggestions when it comes to exercise…

Saladino says there is a misconception that fat loss equals cardio and to build muscle, you weight train. But the two are actually not so different.

‘Toning and fat burning are very similar. We actually need a lot less cardio than people think,’ he said.

‘Ryan Reynolds, for example, he weight trains and resistance trains, you never see that guy on the treadmill.’

The same is true for Reynolds’s wife, Blake Lively.

Two moves Saladino uses during their training sessions are loaded carries (holding a kettlebell in one hand and walk for a certain amount of distance or time) and sledding (pushing or pulling a ‘sled’ of weights over a particular distance).

‘At the end of the day, you have to do the work that will burn the most calories at rest, the “afterburn”, and what that comes down to is weight training.’ he said.

While you may not look as good as Ryan Reynolds if you follow these tips (who does?) at least, as Saladino states, “If you get enough sleep, eliminate stress, follow a few simple moves and eat healthy, you can get a celebrity body too.”

Obviously it’s working out quite well for her…


Check out the rest of Saladino’s tips over at The Daily Mail.

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