Seth Rogen Plants Talking Food All Over A Grocery Store In Order To Scold Strangers About Eating Them

I’m more excited for Seth Rogen‘s Sausage Party than I’ve been for any movie in a long time. It looks legit like one of the funniest films in the history of man. I also have no idea how it could possibly end. I’m kind of hoping Rogen goes full weirdo and has it end with food fighting back against humanity and wiping us out of existence. I’m into that. We probably deserve. The way I eat hot dogs would probably be a crime against humanity if they were sentient beings with basic rights. Actually, the way I eat food in general should be a fucking crime. I’m not sure if it’s a hatred for myself or for food in general, but I should probably see someone about it. So, in a sweepingly general statement, if food began talking to me, I’d freak the fuck out. Probably a full-on mental breakdown. These guys were way too calm and relaxed. I’d be stockpiling canned food and never leave again, terrified of the type of revenge that food is planning against me.

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