Actress Sees People Waving At Her On The Beach In Florida, Doesn’t See HUGE Shark Fin Behind Her

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Simone Gutsche is a German actress who recently spent time in Cocoa Beach, Florida. During her stay in Cape Canaveral she went for a swim in the temperate Atlantic Ocean waters of Florida, as tourists love to do, and while she was in the water she saw a group of people waving to her.

Being the nice and friendly person that she is, Simone just assumed people were waving to be cordial. It never occurred to the actress that perhaps there was a massive fucking shark swimming right behind her with it’s menacing dorsal fin poking out of the water. Which, as it turns out, was the exact reason people were gesturing to her from the beach:

via Metro UK:

Gutsche had been spending some time at Cocoa Beach in Cape Canaveral when she decided to go into the sea.
She said: ‘There was nobody in the water, not many people were around. I found the emptiness beautiful.’
She told German media she had not been concerned when people suddenly started running on the beach and added: ‘A couple waved to me full of excitement. Out of friendliness, I waved back.’

For reference, here’s what Simone Gutsche looks like when she’s not being stalked by enormous sharks in Florida:

(h/t Metro UK)

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