Jimmy Fallon Told Stories From The ‘SNL 40’ After Party And Yup, We Missed The Party Of The Century

Sitting in my shoebox-sized apartment in SoHo on Sunday night I was watching the ‘Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special’ like the 23.1 other million Americans, only I was fixating on where the after party would be, because all day I’d seen security setting up outside of event spaces throughout the neighborhood. As it turns out the ‘SNL 40‘ after party was nowhere near downtown Manhattan, as it took place over at the Plaza Hotel which borders New York’s famed Central Park.

I think we all expected the ‘SNL 40’ after party to be one for the ages, as ‘Saturday Night Live‘ is renowned for throwing crazier after parties than any other TV show in history. But given that this was the 40th Anniversary, they had to step it up, right? Yes, yes they did. Holy shit they partied so hard the entire world is left with the sinking feeling that no party will ever live up to what took place at the Plaza Hotel on Sunday night.

Last night on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘ Jimmy and his crew who were in attendance rehashed everything that went down at the after party in this clip. From Jimmy joining Sir Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift to sing ‘Shake it Off’, to Miley Cyrus singing some original song about her dead goldfish, to a surprise ‘Blondie’ performance from Debby Harry, to Michael Bolton breaking into a ridiculous rendition of ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’…Yes, Jimmy Fallon name drops more in this clip than any other man has in the history of television, but somehow it’s not annoying. Because you can tell that he really was awestruck to be a part of such a special night:

Elvis Costello singing ‘Pump It Up’?!? Come on! Then Dave Chapelle convincing Jimmy Fallon to guilt Prince into taking the stage?!? What in the actual fuck!

Here’s a clip of Sir Paul McCartney + Taylor + Jimmy singing ‘Shake It Off’

Here’s Prince bringing the house down:

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