‘South Park’ Hilariously, And Terrifyingly, Imagined How Donald Trump’s First Day As President Will Go

by 2 years ago

Comedy Central

Now that the the Presidential Election between “Turd Sandwich” (Hillary Clinton) and “Giant Douche” (orange Mr. Garrison as Trump) is finally over, South Park decided to try to imagine what Donald Trump’s first day as President will look like.

First, Trump, I mean Garrison, gets a little makeover advice from, who else? Caitlyn Jenner and Steve Bannon.

The Darth Vader-like helmet of hair is truly a thing of beauty…


Later, when Trump, I mean Garrison, visits the Pentagon and meets with the heads of the military they hand over to him the keys to the drone program (“In there you can kill anyone remotely. Here are the keys.”), the Diplomatic Strategy and Negotiation Room (“This doesn’t look very fun.”), and the nuclear launch codes (“football”).


You know none of this would be so frightening if South Park hadn’t actually had any of their predictions come true in the past.

On the plus side, at least The Simpsons didn’t do it, this time.

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