Say Goodbye To Stephen Colbert With This Supercut Of Him Breaking Character


It’s over. The Colbert Report finally came to an end last night and watching the episode made me feel feelings. I don’t like feeling feelings, but goddammit, I am going to miss the ever-loving shit out of this show. It’s how I’ve ended the vast majority of my weekdays for the last five or six years. No TV show has held that slot in my life for that long. iWhat TV show is going to love me now, Aman-DUH?

Sorry. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to reference Can’t Hardly Wait

Anyway, I’m sad to see the show and Colbert’s character go. His next gig won’t be the same. But we’ll always have reruns and supercuts like this. That is, until North Korea takes those away too.

The Colbert Report
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