Did Hanging Out With Me Drive Taylor Swift Back Into The Arms of John Mayer?


If you haven’t read about the time I spent with Taylor on Monday, what the hell are you doing with your life? I kinda Tay and I had something and were just taking things slow, but this new story from TMZ just took my heart and sexily danced all over it with spiked heels.


We got pics of Swift and Mayer leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in separate cars … so there’s smoke.

But there’s no fire. Our Chateau spies say John and Taylor saw each other but didn’t exchange a single word.

Oh, thank god. Wait, so this story is just that they ate dinner near each other? Not sure this is news, but I appreciate them keeping me abreast of all things Swift.

I DO take umbrage with the fact that I wasn’t contacted to give my insight on this. I’m sure you all tuned in, but if you didn’t, I spoke with ‘ol Harv (a nickname I have for Harvey Levin ever since we became buds) yesterday, and gave him some insight into my day with Tay.

If you wanna see my wax poetic about my love, check it out here, and go to the 23:45 mark.

I’ll be over here, just sitting in a dark room with the shades drawn, listening to this on repeat.

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