‘Teen Jeopardy’ Contestant Has Glorious Existential Crisis After Losing By One Dollar

by 1 year ago

Teen Jeopardy contestant Alec Fischthal is doing a lot of soul searching after losing by 100 pennies to his opponent, Sharath Narayan, a high school junior from Madison, Alabama. If it makes you feel any better, Alec, I would have guessed the answer was “Your Mother, Trebek.” Then again, I have the IQ of Brendan Dassey.

The expressions made throughout this saga can most aptly be described in memes.

When you at the club and realize you forgot to feed your pet turtles…


When you in the hallways and see your crush after you liked one of her Instagram pictures from 56 weeks ago…



When you on the first date and she tells you she’s got more guy friends than girl friends…


When you broke AF but still wanna get LIT for Star Wars Day…


When you finally got enough cash to buy every volume of The Farmer’s Almanac…


When you just won 100K but are instantly overcome with sadness knowing you can’t solve a rubik’s cube in under 10 seconds…


If you think I’m being hard on this kid, just remember he’s like half my age and has already amassed more success than I’ve ever even sniffed. Don’t cry for him. Donate to my GoFundMe.

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