‘The Princesses of Long Island’ Is Without a Doubt an All-Time Low in Reality Television

Alright, I'm partial to this cause I fancy myself one of the premier leaders in the “let's talk about how upper-middle class Long Island the worst-but-also-best place” cultural movement, but this is on an entirely new level. Long Island women have long since been a reality teleivision producer's dream, given the strange combination of privilege/guidoism, and an unwillingness to let go of the fact that The Great Gatsby a.) is fictional, and b.) fictionally happened almost 100 years ago. It's this weird version of controlled excess complemented by an equal amount of trashiness. Splash on the “Jewish American Princess” stereotype–and all the wonderfulness that comes along with that–and you've got yourself the perfect storm. Top that all off with the Bravo mindset, and out pops…this. 

[H/T: @JewBoyProblems]