You Want To Watch A Thirsty R2-D2 Try To Get Laid? Ya, Ya You Do

If you knock on enough doors, someone’s going to let you in. Welcome to my life, little fella. Dust off the misses, cherish the hit(s). In this galaxy, you got to have a short memory if you stand a fighting chance at getting your little metal pecker wet.

This new short film, “Artoo In Love,” made its debut at Sonoma Film Festival in Sonoma, California and follows the dapper Star Wars star around Berkley and San Francisco as he searches for love or maybe just a slump buster, it’s unclear.

The film was written and directed by Evan Atherton and an Autodesk engineer who works on “experimenting with new technologies as they relate to digital design” and used the company’s 3D printers to bring the props to life.

Atherton told Mashable,

“People have definitely been having real emotional reactions to it. I think that stems from what always made Artoo special: He was more than just a machine. So seeing that play out, and seeing Artoo really sad, tugs on some childhood heartstrings.”

I, for one, got a nostalgia boner, and a regular boner if you’re keeping score at home.

If you’re interested in diving into the technical intricacies of the production that took years to master, Animated World Network, has you covered.

[H/T Mashable]

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