Zac Efron Faceplants Doing The ‘Baywatch’ Run, Gets Immediately Turned Into A Hysterical Meme

Zac Efron seems like a pretty cool bro. He has somehow managed to overcome being forever linked to those High School Musical movies to carve out a nice little post Disney career for himself. No small feat considering how iconic those movies are to an entire generation.

That being said, dude obviously still has some work to do on a few things. Like say, running on the beach with his Baywatch co-stars.

That is an all time header for the ages right there, Zac.

Of course, this being the internet people couldn’t just point and laugh like the olden days. They had to take that photo to Reddit’s Photoshop Battles forum and go to town.

And here I thought that people making a meme out of Chris Evans staring (hard) at Elizabeth Olsen’s boobs would be the only great meme this week.

Here are some of the best Zefron memes…

And of course…

H/T The Daily Dot

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