Borgore’s Newest Song Is Titled ‘Lindsay Lohan’ And It’s The Most Wonderfully Bizarre Thing You’ll Hear All Day

WARNING: This song is NOT for you if you’re looking for some big room house shit.

Did you read that warning above? I hope so, because if you’re looking for some Eric Prydz snare drum hype shit every 10 seconds you won’t find it here, nor will you find a giant drop that would inspire men dressed in neon tanks with snapbacks to start fist pumping all around the room. This isn’t some big room house you’re about to hear…this is some shit you come up with while tripping your balls off on acid.

Case in point? It’s titled ‘Lindsay Lohan,’ for one, and for two it’s by Borgore. While Borgore typically gets shuffled under the generalized “EDM” tag (but more accurately dubstep, if we’re getting specific here) when it comes to his genre of music, he’s much more than that.

Borgore is a motherfucking ratchet way of living your fuck-free life.

His Twitter is literally full of butts and space cats. Do you know how few fucks you have to give in order to retweet asses all day? Literally when I imagine Borgore I picture him scrolling through his Twitter notifications on a private jet and it’s clogged to the brim with asses and cats.



It’s a goddamn lifestyle I tell you, one that you too can now be part of with his new track “Lindsay Lohan.” It doesn’t make sense and it’s completely out of left field just like his other tracks “Space Kitten Invasion” and “Dolphin Attack,” but that’s the whole point.

Zero fucks given. Do whatever the fuck you want, even if it includes Lindsay Lohan.

[Header image via Twitter]