Listen To Our Chillest Playlist Ever This Memorial Day Or Be Destined For A Life Of Permanent Un-Chillness

[J.Camm’s Note: As I sat atop my editorial throne (aka my couch) this afternoon, I was trying to find or create a chill playlist for the weekend. That’s when I remembered that I didn’t need to create shit, because the chillest of chill playlists already exists. It was created last year by some folks on our staff and posted by our old friend Andy Moore. Today, we repost it to make your Memorial Day rock, in the chillest way possible, of course.] 

Brandon, David and I made a Spotify playlist. AND NOT JUST ANY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST. This was a tribute to “chillness.” Chillness is a broad, all-encompassing term, beginning with Socrates in ancient Greece and reaching its peak with Miles Davis in the 1920s, but the definition here can be narrowed down to one title: “The Frayed Brimmed Dirty White Hat with College Name on It.”

Besides really rolling off the tongue, the playlist set out to include anything you listened to on a five-disk changer in a mid-priced SUV around 2002. Since David was adamant it only be OAR and I said it should only be DMB’s Live at Red Rocks, we agreed to max out each artist’s contributions at two a piece.

One more note: the creation of this playlist occurred about 16 hours into our hiatus, when we were beginning to show the slightest hints of insanity. Enjoy!