Enter For A Chance To Win Four Tickets To Firefly Music Festival PLUS Camping, Courtesy Of Red Frog Events!

Summer is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: festival season. Every year there are at least one or two festivals you know you want to attend, but just like every other music lover out there you’re limited by budget. Gotta figure out how you’re getting there (plane, train, automobile?), gotta figure out what you’re bringing and what extras you need to buy (is this going to be the 5th festival in a row you forgot to buy toilet paper for?), gotta figure out who to go with and whether or not your friends can afford tickets – the whole planning aspect of music festivals almost cancels out the fun you have while you’re there.

But fear not, for today is your lucky day, as you now have the chance to win four, count’em, FOUR tickets to Firefly Music Festival! That means that the three friends you wanted to go with but who are too poor to afford tickets can come with you if you win, OR it means you can wave your newly won tickets in their face just for the sake of bragging. The sky is the limit, but that’s only if you win.

So what are you waiting for? Enter below for a chance to win four general admission tickets PLUS camping to Firefly Music Festival!

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