Clinton Sparks’ Trippy Music Video for ‘IDKurNAME’ (Ft. Mike Posner) Takes Us Through Quite a Night

Boston based DJ Clinton Sparks, who is increasingly becoming a household cramped 3 bedroom apartment converted into a four bedroom name, offers a sweet, sweet video for his aptly titled 'IDKurName,” his collab with Mike Posner. Like other videos in the genre, this does a good job of getting something across that's currently happening. An exaggeration of your typical night out no doubt, but this appears to be representing some sort of pinnacle–a dope form self-destruction, not really sticking around for damage control. 

Expect a big year from Sparks. This vid is a lead in to his solo album “Disco Ball and Chain,” which will be featuring the likes of Afrojack, Rick Ross, and wannabe billionaire Travie McCoy. Big stuff from this dude, so best get acclimated. 

[H/T: That New Jam]