Deadmau5 Calls Justin Bieber A ‘Meat Puppet’ In An Amazing Rant About Why His Album Sucks

Last week notoriously outspoken electronic music producer Deadmau5 went IN on Justin Bieber during a livestream with his fans. Coming from such a prominent person in the music industry, Joel Zimmerman’s rant arguably the biggest shot someone has taken a Biebs as an artist and a musician:

“I can accept that his album is probably good, I have no qualms with that, I know decent production when I hear it. That’s not what I’m mad about. What I’m mad about is that none of it is this little fucking dickhead’s. You get what I’m saying? ‘This is my album’. No it’s not your fucking album, its Skrilllex’s fucking album, it’s fucking god knows who’s album. Then you going hum ha hum ha. Not even the shit you even wrote… Your just a little meat puppet, dude.”

It doesn’t stop with shots at Bieber. Mau also takes some swipes at Zac Efron and the Kardashian media industrial complex, which I’m happy to say that BroBible is no longer apart of since implementing a site-wide Kardashian ban in August:

“Zac Efron could get a 10-star film if he put his four brain cells to it.”

Zimmerman has a fantastic point when it comes to Biebs. At the end of the day, it’s just Biebs singing over complex compositions that he and his team of producers happened to like (and handsomely pay musicians like Skrillex for). But that’s just how big music works in the era of musicians-as-a-brand. Is it really *that* much different from Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or other hundred-million dollar “meat puppets” who rely on the backs of a massive team of people to remain famous and relevant as pop artists?

Can’t wait to see how Bieber and his camp respond. We’ll hold our breath…

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