Diplo Thinks Banning Kandi Bracelets at ‘Mad Decent Block Party’ Will Stop Drug Use at His Raves

Diplo is understandably sick of people going balls-to-the-wall and dying at his Mad Decent Block Party, so he’s implementing a ban on Kandi Bracelets or Kandi Necklaces with the hope of curbing drug use at shows.


The full list of items that are now banned at Mad Decent Block Parties:

NO Masks
NO Illegal Substances
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Pets
NO Massagers
NO Laser Pointers
NO LED Gloves or LED Microlights used for Light Shows
NO Pacifiers
NO Eyedrops
NO Glass, Cans, Cups or Coolers
NO Refillable water bladders
NO Markers, Pens or Spray Paint
NO Large Chains or Spiked Jewelry
NO Stickers or Fliers
NO Tents, Large Umbrellas, Chairs, Lawn chairs or Blankets
NO Large Purses or Bags (Anything over 10″ x 10″)
NO Stuffed Animals or Dolls (Including Plush Backpacks)
NO Kandi Bracelets or Kandi Necklaces
NO Open Packs of Cigarettes or Unsealed Tampons (Upon Entry)
NO Outside Food or Beverages (Including Alcohol and Candy)
NO Weapons of any kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.)
NO Professional Recording Equipment – Photo Video, or Audio (No Detachable
Lenses, Tripods, Big Zooms or Commercial Use Rigs)
NO Video Cameras or GoPros
NO Toy Weapons or Real Weapons of any kind

This has ticked people in the rave scene off, perhaps most notably Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella. On Facebook, he wrote:

One of my favorite aspects of dance music culture is the freedom of self-expression. Since the early days, dance culture has always been a non-judgmental environment where you could express your individuality through art, music and positive energy. It’s been especially amazing to see how the making and trading of kandi has evolved over the years. Kandi started in Southern California, and is now a tradition embraced by ravers all over the world! I love that these beaded works of art create a special bond between the giver and recipient when traded. Although I don’t wear kandi regularly, I save all of the pieces I’ve been gifted by Headliners and remember the stories behind each one. Whether you’re from SoCal or Singapore, wear your kandi proudly and continue to spread the good vibes!

I don’t know what universe Diplo and his promoters live in, but I’d be $100 that a ban on raver jewelry loosely affilated with MDMA use doesn’t keep people from rolling their faces off at his shows. Just a hunch that people are still going to get hella turnt…

[H/T: Live for Live Music]



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