Listen to Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller’s New Song ‘Guild’

I can't embed it here, but Fader has the song hosted on Soundcloud.

Here's what's amazing about the song: If you would have told me two years ago that Miller would ever “Renegade” Earl, I'd probably ask you to shove a trumpet up your butt. But, man, Miller has never been better than here—gone are the lazy pop-rap lines that punctuated his early work like “Wear My Hat” (“Baby you could wear my hat, just twist it to the back/We drinkin' out the bottle while you sittin' on my lap”); and in its place are amazingly weird and surrealist statements like “In Myrtle Beach with a purple fleece/Hotel lobbies playing Fur Elise” and “I'm at a prop shop in Montauk throwing tomohawks/At civilians… I'm chillin.” It's clear that Earl's poetic skills have rubbed off on Miller. And the result is the student outshining the teacher. I hope to hear a lot more from this duo, whether on Doris or a co-mixtape or whatever. And I hope to hear a constantly improving Miller going on this clever direction.

In other rap bromantic news (actually, it might be time to retire that word), a mixtape surfaced today that stars Birdman and Rick Ross, of all people, called “The Lost Album.” It stems from—you guessed it!—a lost 2008 recording session between the two. While the album may have been lost for a reason, its first song is a Birdman spoken-word track over the Hans Zimmer theme from Inception, and it's hilariously fucking awesome. Just listen to that at least.

[H/T: Fader]