Jay-Z’s ‘Tidal’ Is Such A Colossal Failure Kanye West Deleted All His Old Tweets Mentioning The Service

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It seems like just yesterday that Jay-Z was announcing his revolutionary music streaming service ‘Tidal’. It was supposed to be the music streaming service that would put the money back into the hands of artists who make music, and keep it away from companies looking to monetize other people’s art. But after the subscription costs of Jay-Z’s Tidal were announced, and people saw that it would cost twice as much per month as as Spotify, people became skeptical that this might be just another way for rich musicians like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna to get even more asininely rich than they already are. Tidal’s mojo began to plummet as it dropped out of the iTunes App Store Top 700. But it wasn’t until a few days ago when Kanye West removed Tidal as his Twitter avatar and deleted all old tweets of his mentioning Tidal that the music streaming service really began to come in sight of rock bottom.

Some estimates have already claimed Tidal has fallen out of the top 850 apps in the iTunes App Store (#872 according to AppAnnie), which is a MASSIVE PLUMMET for an app that just weeks ago was expected to rival Spotify and Pandora. It’s gotten so bad that even one of Jay-Z’s closest friends (and music industry mogul), Kanye West, had completely scrubbed Tidal from his Twitter (until people noticed). The website Digital Spy was first to take notice of how Yeezy had changed his avatar and retroactively deleted any tweets mentioning Tidal:

As well as deleting all mentions of TIDAL from his feed, West has also changed his avatar from a picture of the TIDAL logo to a picture of his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy artwork.

The deleted tweets included one that said: “Together, we can turn the tide and make music history. Start by turning your profile picture blue #TIDALforALL”.

Yeezy’s not willing to let one of his bros completely bottom out though. After news broke yesterday on BGR (and the front page of Reddit) that Kanye West had jumped ship, and Tidal’s failure became even more obvious, Kanye West put up a tweet reaffirming whatever it is Kanye wants to reaffirm about Tidal (sorry, I don’t speak or read Kanye):

So at least Kanye’s not letting Jay-Z go down without a fight.

Now I NEVER take pleasure in seeing another human being fail, and I’m a Jay-Z fan just like most of the world’s population. But I must admit something: it’s somewhat reassuring to see that no matter how successful a human being is, no matter how many times they hit home runs when they step up to the plate, every person has the capacity for failure. As evidenced by Tidal, Jay-Z is not immune to failure. Chances are he’s surrounded by an army of ‘yes men’, and nobody stood up to tell him that maybe Tidal isn’t such a good idea after all.

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