Terrible Dude Pretended To Be A Country Music Superstar To Seduce A Mentally Handicapped Woman

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Jason Aldean is one of country music’s best Bros. With quality Bro jams like ‘My Kinda Party,’ ‘Days Like These,’ ‘Dirt Road Anthem,’ and ‘Amarillo Sky,’ you know he’s all about that Bro life.

So I guaran-fucking-tee he’s pretty fucking hot about the shit a dude in Florida pulled.

A man in Pinellas County was arrested after impersonating Aldean to, get this, seduce a mentally handicapped woman.

Man if that ain’t some of the most fucked up shit I ever heard.

Daniel Farris was charged with Grand Theft after cashing checks from his victim. From WFLA:

According to a Largo Police, the mentally handicapped victim believed the defendant, Daniel Farris, was Jason Aldean.

Farris asked the victim to pay him $2,000, and received $230 from her on two different occasions, the affidavit stated. He also convinced the victim to engage in sexual intercourse with him, the report stated.

Police said Farris posed as Jason Aldean on Facebook, and as a friend of Jason Aldean’s, to collect the money. Allegedly, Farris would collect the funds by telling the victim Jason Aldean loved her, but was on tour and his friend needed the money.

Fucking terrible, man. But, hey, maybe we can get this story in front of Jason Aldean and get him to pay the lady a visit.

That’d be the kind of Bro shit Jason Aldean is all about. And a good ending.

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