What Rap Artist Is Cutie Ariana Grande Canoodling With?


I’ll be honest. I have a crush on Ariana Grande. I had zero idea who she was until the Fourth of July, when I saw her perform at Brooklyn Bridge Park (on the TV).

Look how cute she is! So ‘dorbs. She isn’t someone I’m like yearning to date, but I would if the opportunity presented itself. Except now, that seems to be off the table, as she has found love in a hopeless place (that was me, just seamlessly shoehorning a Rihanna lyric right in there for you).

Grande collaborated with Big Sean on that above, hit song, (called ‘Problem’ (you knew that)) and now it appears the duo are dating.

Good for them. She is 21 and he is 26, but we will pass no judgment. Ariana had been dating a 19-year-old Australian dude, but broke up with him after he was supposedly insensitive when her grandfather died.

Relatedish, in her new music video for ‘Break Free,’ she shoots rockets out of her boobs. She is still 21.

[Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]

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