Shia LaBeouf Compares Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy to Hanson In His Latest Scathing Freestyle

Shia LaBeouf is turning into the kid in the Billabong sweatshirt who never graduated but sells his mixtape outside the high school. And I love it. I’m pretty sure after the first diss track in which he likens Lil Yachty to the “Kwame Brown of rap” and says Soulja Boy’s on some “shout out shit”, the Atlanta rappers thought it would just be another one of LaBeouf’s fleeting performance art thingys.


He released yet another diss track taking aim at Lil Yachty and Soulja boy, as well as comparing himself to Marlon Brando and Eminem. As we mentioned earlier today, Soulja Boy was far from pleased with the first one, urging him to stay out of Atlanta.

You’re not hip hop, you’re pop. You’re MmmBop, you’re just an obscure fruit my dude you’re kumquat.

I’m an accessible spectacle, I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule is flexible. Dealing with dummies, both of you should take some classes the masses asked for this hat trick, eating red vines and the guy who writes on sunglasses.



Shia has forced their hand. If both of these rappers don’t release a Shia LaBeouf diss track in 72 hours, I’ll continue to refuse to listen to all their songs.

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