Vanilla Ice Called Out Wiz Khalifa For Having No Ninja Street Cred

Wiz Khalifa has a song in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Here. Give it a listen.

The man who invented and perfected the art of rapping in movies about reptiles soaked in radioactive goo and taught the art of street fighting by a sewer rat thinks Wiz’s version is too corporate.

That’s right. It’s time for today’s edition of Vanilla Ice Putting Motherfuckers on Blast. Via Complex.

“With respect to all of the artists, the song doesn’t really do it for me, it feels a little artificial. What I mean by that is that it sounds like a bunch of executives in the corporate world put it together. It really does not fit the theme of the Ninja Turtles legend. I think you have to understand, and be a true Ninja, to possess the Magic to really pull off the secret sound.”

Yes, yes and yes fucking yes.

Here’s the original, often imitated, never duplicated gem of a song.

So Bros, which jam do you prefer?

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]