Arnold Schwarzenegger Finds A New Workout Buddy During Quarantine – His Pet Donkey

Arnold Donkey Workout

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Everyone is working out differently during self-isolation.

People are doing resistance band workouts, Murphs every day, and training like a return to the NFL is possible.

The one thing missing from these workouts – for most people – is a workout buddy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a live-in lifting buddy. His pet donkey, Lulu.

Lulu joined the “Terminator” for some machine workouts and the 72-year-old actor and former bodybuilding is still in great shape.

“I go to the gym for 45 minutes to an hour, that’s also routine,” Schwarzenegger said in a recent interview with Men’s Health. It’s always kind of the same thing, I’ll do arms and deltoids one day, and then the next day I do chest and back, calves, abs… and then it repeats itself, that’s the whole week.”

From the looks of the Instagram video, Lulu also knows the routine. She followed Arnold right into the gym, going machine to machine along with him, possibly yelling motivational phrases like “I’ll be back…when it’s time for lats.”

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Lulu pumps up.

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Here’s another video of Lulu, probably post-workout.

[via Men’s Health]


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