Brothers Win Insane $150,000 Weight Loss Bet At 50:1 Odds From Hedge Fund Manager

You guys may remember the story of professional poker player Walter Fisher, who last year cut his body fat to sub-10 percent in six months after friends put $1 million on the line. Fisher, who had balloned to 245 pounds and was broke and unconfident, worked relentlessly to drop to 8.8 percent body fat. He escaped healthier, more confident, and $1 million richer.

Another intriguing weight loss bet in the poker world had its judgement day yesterday, and its truly incredible.

Last year, PokerStars twitch streamer Jaime Staples and his brother Matt were propositioned by hedge fund boss and high stakes poker player Bill Perkins to weigh within one pound of each other in one year. Seems doable, except Jaime’s starting weight was 304 lbs. while Matt was at a flimsy 135 lbs.

According to High Stakes Database, Perkins bet the brothers $3,000 at 50:1 while they were on Perkins yacht in the Bahamas.

A key stipulation to the bet required the brothers had to weigh in at exactly 5 pm on March 25, 2018, so they had to stay vigilant until literally the last second.

Well, yesterday the brothers had their official weigh in and walked away with $150,000 after both weighing the exact same weight: 188.3 lbs–with Jaime losing 115.7 lbs. and his brother gaining 53.3 lbs.

During the competition, Poker News had checked in with Jaime to gain insight on what he learned since accepting the bet. He said:

“It’s not as if overweight people, such as my former self, don’t have discipline, or don’t know that it is 80% diet 20% exercise, or that pizza has a lot of calories. I think what’s needed for people like us, is gaining a skill set to turn that knowledge into consistent action. That takes confidence and support and practice.”

Jaime had been on a 1,300 calorie plan for the entirety of the competition but said that understanding and counting macronutrients including protein, fats, and carbs allowed him to find ways to fit in more “normal” foods in his diet.

Check out the entire documentation of the Staples’ brothers journey below.

Money is the most effective motivator.

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