Deion Sanders Just Turned 50-Years-Old And Is More Jacked Now Than Back In His Playing Days

Remember a couple of months ago when we shared some pics of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman putting on a gun show on the beach with his fiancée Capa Mooty? Dude is 50-years-old and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t look like he could still sling it in the NFL. He’s certainly in about 50 times better shape than Jay Cutler is, but hey, as Jay said at his introductory press conference in Miami, he’s a QB so he doesn’t have to be in shape.

Now it turns out that another Hall of Famer who also played for the Cowboys, Deion Sanders, also just turned 50-years-old on Wednesday and he too looks like he could still make plays on the gridiron.

No wonder the Dallas Cowboys were so good. Aikman, Sanders and even Michael Irvin all still look like they could still bring it. Heck, they’d all probably be starters for the Cleveland Browns if they decided to come out of retirement and the team would probably be better.

Check out some of the pics and videos Prime shared on his #21dayswithPrime fitness and motivational journey below.

For reference, here he is when he played…

And here he his today…



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