Here’s The Full Body Workout That’s Kept Gerard Butler Jacked For Over 12 Years

Gerard Butler Workout

via Summit Entertainment

In 2007, Gerard Butler got shredded to play King Leonidas in the epic film “300.” It seems as though the 49-year-old Scot has been ripped ever since he played a spartan.

Butler’s physique has changed slightly over the years – age will do that to everyone – and so have his workouts.

“These days when I train with Gerard, we’re not really trying to bulk up for a particular role,” Joe Dowdell told Men’s Health. “More or less looking for body composition-type training, like maintaining lean muscle mass, sort of decreasing some body fat.”

Dowdell, an NYC-based trainer, has been working with Butler since 2003.

Dowdell told MH the training usually consists of full-body workouts on every other day.

“Most days feature noncompeting paired sets, or two exercises targeting different muscle groups performed back-to-back with little to no rest, then a metabolic conditioning component to close.”

Here’s a quick rundown of Butler’s workout for the new film “Angel Has Fallen.”

Butler’s workouts consist of two supersets, a triset, and a metabolic finisher on a bike.

For a complete rundown of the full body workouts, head over to Men’s Health.



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