How The Star Of ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Got Ripped Doing Variations Of An Exercise Most People Avoid

We’ve featured quite a few Hollywood workout routines over the last few months. From Mark Wahlberg to Superman, the workouts have all been body busting and tough as hell but all included many of the basic exercises that men have been doing since the dawn of time.

Push-ups. Planks. Pull-ups. Coincidentally, all begin with P, but all are true blue exercises that use body weight to get a guy shredded. Taron Egerton needed to get shredded for the latest in the Kingsman films — Kingsman: The Golden Circle — so he enlisted the help of trainer Dalton Wong. Wong is the creator of Twenty Two Training and co-author of The Feelgood Plan.

“Lifting is sexy, but you can’t just lift all the time,” Wong told Men’s Journal. “Flexibility is just as important as strength. During pre-production, it was all about lifting and strength training. But during production, it was all about maintenance and recovery. We needed to make sure his body was structurally sound.”

The trainer also shared the key to Egerton’s thin, chiseled physique. Good old chin-ups but with a twist.

“We focused a lot on body training, doing different types of chin-ups to define his back, using grips of varying size. People at home can wrap a towel around their bar to imitate a fat grip. For chin-ups, most people’s limiting factor is not their back, it’s their grip strength.”

So chin-ups are important? Got it.

This is all good but everyone knows diet is half the battle. When asked what Egerton eliminated from his diet to get shredded, Wong admit…well, he didn’t stop eating anything.

“I don’t believe in omitting anything. It’s all applicable to his needs. Pre-training, he was eating a good amount of carbohydrates, and lots of proteins and fats. During filming, we reduced carbs and protein and leveled off fat. It helped to reduce inflammation in his body. Carbs and all of those micronutrients are good for you, but should be tailored to your specific needs.”

Chin-ups and eat everything. Ok, got it.

[via Men’s Journal]