4 Delicious Recipes For Baking Up Something Phunky On 4/20

by 12 months ago
cooking with weed

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It’s arrived. April 20th, aka 4/20, aka Stoner Christmas. It’s the one and only holiday that stoners give themselves each and every year and that means trying to pack a year’s worth of bong olympics and THC-infused edibles into a 24-hour period.

When it comes to the cannabis world I inhabit a weird space. A lot of people who know me might think that I’m a stoner and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong to assume that based on appearances and reputation, but the fact of the matter is I almost rarely smoke weed or eat edibles. I just really love baking and cooking with weed. This works out brilliantly for all of my friends because they essentially get free edibles and I do all of the legwork. I’ve done a few ‘Cooking With Weed‘ articles here before but I wanted to throw some recipes your day for 4/20 2018.

Before we take a look at recipes for best 4/20 weed edibles below I want to tell you bros all about the Magical Butter MB2e machine, and their 21UP Bundle of accessories. This is a gross oversimplification of how great Magical Butter’s MB2e machine is but when people ask me about it I describe as ‘something like an Easy-Bake Oven for adults who love THC-edibles’, and by that I mean the machine does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Making THC-infused butter or oil is as easy as putting decarbed weed into the machine with butter or oil and hitting the start button. I recently made a tincture for my first time which you can use via a dropper and take a few drops underneath your tongue (full explanation on THC tincture here) or you can use tincture to make THC-infused gummies.

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