5 Reasons To Book A Trip With Outdoorsy This Summer

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you’re really looking forward to some summer traveling this year. After the past 18 months of being socially distanced, quarantined and freaked out about catching a virus, it now appears safe to get back to some normalcy. That means road trips, overnight getaways and everything in-between.

But flying is so… 2019. This summer it’s time to try something different and put on your captain’s hat by booking an RV trip with Outdoorsy.

For those unaware, Outdoorsy is the premier destination to rent RVs, campervans and trailers, bringing you and your friends/family an exciting new way to travel this summer. So even if you’re not a happy camper, you can still enjoy the great outdoors with a little glamping trip.


There’s nothing more exciting than rolling down the windows and blasting some tunes on the open road. Outdoorsy brings that exhilarating feeling and then some, helping travelers experience something unique during road trips and great adventures.

And because Outdoorsy rentals are simple to book and communicate with the owner, all those headaches of staying in hotels or B&Bs disappear.

So don’t let your fear of bugs, dirt or sleeping on the ground stop you from going outside this summer. Here are five reasons to book a trip with Outdoorsy this summer.

via Outdoorsy

Road Trips are the best way to make memories

There are few people who have ever gone on a road trip and hated it. Sure, there are people who just couldn’t cut the long travel days or complained about the company in the car, but those people just weren’t cut out for life on the road. With Outdoorsy, you have more space than that rusted car you’re used to traveling in, meaning everyone can rotate nap time, driving time and exploration time.

Camping > Hotel

Camping means memories. The crackle of a campfire. S’mores. Cooking on a stove or grill. You can’t get that in a 3-star hotel somewhere that’s in the middle of BFE. Sure, the hotel bar might sound appealing and all, but who wants to pay $10 for a draft beer when you can get a case of something local for the same price and then share stories around a campfire with friends? Embrace the great outdoors this summer on your road trip, because we’ve all been trapped indoors for way too long over the past 18 months.

All kinds of RV rental options, everywhere

No matter what your lifestyle is, Outdoorsy has your back. As mentioned above, the platform offers RVs, campervans and trailers for every trip, giving you flexibility and options when putting together your summer traveling plans. So whether you want/need more room and need to get an RV for a large family, want a campervan for a romantic weekend getaway with your special somebody or want to hitch a trailer to the back of your SUV to travel around with some buddies, there’s something for you.


Accommodating and Knowledgeable Owners

Look, you might not be a big outdoors guy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it till you make it! With the help of accommodating and knowledgeable owners, Outdoorsy instantly increases your confidence in navigating the roads. So pack up some flannel shirts and load up on the snacks, ’cause that’s all you’ve got to do thanks to the simplicity of booking with Outdoorsy.

Turnkey options that make trip planning easy

Forget all the hassle of planning a road trip and dealing with a bunch of different hotels and confirmation codes, because

Outdoorsy offers owner-to-renter communication, bringing peace of mind when it comes to summer traveling. It’s just you, any passengers and the open road. So go ahead and pick your destination of choice, fire up the GPS and go. If you’ve got questions, feel free to message the owner and get suggestions. Or, don’t, and just wing it as you take in the trip of a lifetime.


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