Adidas Reveals Cutting-Edge Futurecraft 4D Sneaker That Is The ‘Future Of Basketball’

adidas Futurecraft 4D Basketball Sneaker


Adidas recently debuted their brand new AlphaEDGE 4D LTD sneakers as a partnership with CARBON, a tech company that specializes in 3D printing for manufacturers. Now adidas is presenting their exciting Futurecraft 4D basketball sneaker.

Marc Dolce, who is the Vice President and Creative Director of adidas, gave a sneak peek of the cutting-edge Futurecraft 4D basketball sneaker. Dolce teased the revolutionary shoes on social media and called the sneakers the “Future of Basketball.”

The incredible sneakers feature a completely knitted upper and 4D sole. That begs the question, with a completely knitted upper does it still provide sufficient ankle support for basketball? I’m sure adidas has this all worked out and this is only a quick preview with no details provided yet. It will be interesting to get more information on the Futurecraft 4D basketball sneaker to see how the shoe company will stop ballers from having their ankles broke in these kicks. They are futuristic-looking AF.